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Dumasikelela was founded in April 2020 when friends of mine, from South Africa began to enquire as to how to go about starting a career in Vietnam, both for teaching and in business. They were especially interested in life in Vietnam and cost of living. 

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Where do we start?

Being an entrepreneur and after immersing myself into the culture of Vietnam, I began to give my first hand opinion of this beautiful, amazing country and after realizing some of the misconceptions I had before coming to Vietnam, I can now say that it definitely is not what you think it is!

 With all the reading, research and thousands of hours of  videos I had watched beforehand, I was still not prepared enough, until I arrived and got a taste of Vietnam for myself. 

Our main mission is to give everyone who’s looking at making a move to Vietnam the best experience possible. Whether you would like to come over to teach, retire or even open your own business here, the opportunities in Vietnam are endless. 

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How Safe is it?

During this pandemic Vietnam has been one of the safest places to be in the world, in terms of the covid statistics. Furthermore, the economy has been growing, there is a low cost of living and many hidden gems to see in Vietnam. 

Currently, We have been providing a variety of support and services to expats.

Our Experience

Our growing network, personalized approach,  attention to detail and with an understanding of the immigration laws, allows us to provide visa assistance to our client’s in a sufficient manner. 

Being an expat here and having been through the processes both  in Vietnam  and in South  Africa and can therefore confidently help with making your move to Vietnam as effortless as possible. 

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How we assist you

We aim to provide you with everything needed to begin your journey. Dumasikelela “come in blessed” 


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Our core values

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Respect
  • Efficiency

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