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Ever wanted to work Teach and travel aboard?

Duma Sikelela is here to assist you to with all the steps to make your dreams a reality.

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DUMA SIKELELA - Assist: Teachers, Travelers, Pensioners and tourists.

Need to get your TEFL course? We will assist.

For all the details and information needed contact us or go to the How to apply section.

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Our Experience

Our growing network, personalized approach,  attention to detail and with an understanding of the immigration laws, allows us to provide visa assistance to our client’s in a sufficient manner. 

Being an expat here and having been through the processes both  in Vietnam  and in South  Africa and can therefore confidently help with making your move to Vietnam as effortless as possible. 

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Teach and Travel aboard.

Earn a salary while teaching in a classroom  in countries like Vietnam. Have extra disposable income to live a great lifestyle, save money and travel? Explore the rich culture of the east, while you work in Vietnam. 

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Meet the founder

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Sean Houston


Sean started Duma Sikelela in April 2020. for more information about Duma Sikelela go to our about page. Visit Sean's Social media to find out more about him.

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